9 to Thrive

There is one thing that stands out when scanning through 250 portraits taken at Business Chicks 9 to Thrive event: the innate beauty of every woman captured by the lens.

Over the two days of shooting, I wanted to remind women how beautiful they are both inside and out, so I asked each person who sat for a portrait to answer one question: why are women awesome?

Some women mentioned they hadn't ever had their photo taken professionally since sitting for school portraits. Imagine going through life and never having a photo capturing your essence, your beauty, your inner power and the reflection of who you really are.


Is it something we have lost in the age of the selfie? Most of our grandparents had stunning portraits of themselves, sometimes even hand painted. We seem to have forgotten how important it is for our best sides to be shared with our friends, family, children and generations to come.

When these women sat down before me to have their portrait taken, there was a true buzz and energy. This is what I love to see – women embracing their inner and outer beauty. As a photographer dedicated to empowering women, I believe every women deserves to see how incredible they are and I want to capture this for them and help be a part of their legacy.