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It’s a rare and refreshing thing to meet someone who can perfectly articulate the varied thoughts, feelings and experiences of being an independent business woman. The fears, the self-doubt, the highs and lows – we all have them, yet we are so accustomed to hiding them. Even our closest family members and friends might only see the strong, can-take-over-the-world-and-achieve-anything version of ourselves. 


Personal brand and image expert Colette Werden has a knack for stripping away this façade to share vulnerabilities in an authentic way. She frequently posts motivating yet real insights that connect right to your soul:

‘You don’t have to fight through each day to make it work. If you pause, just for one moment, you’ll see that it’s already working out.’ - Colette

Whether it’s through her online musings, face to face encounters, or keynotes in front of an audience, she is like no one I have met before when it comes to empowering women to overcome self-doubt and become the best they can be.


Whether Not only does Colette have an ability to completely understand who you are (both on the outside and behind the scenes!), but she is paving the way for women to better market, present and believe in themselves to stand out from the crowd.

I recently had the honour of capturing Colette's personal brand for her website and marketing content. We created a series of banner images for the main pages of her website, along with a variety of close up portraits and candid shots to be used in a variety of media.

You can follow Colette on Facebook here and be inspired by her knowledge and expertise here.

If you want to make your personal brand, business or service to shine in the digital landscape, get in touch and let me design a shoot that represents the best you. 

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