3 Tips for Stand Out Team Portraits

I recently worked with PR and Social Media Marketing Company Hatchings to design a photoshoot and capture their team. Hatchings specialises in hotels, hospitality and large scale events like the Grand Prix so it was important to accentuate their teams savvy, sociable and professional style.

This is a great example of how investing in personality and culture driven photos can make your business and team stand out.

3 Tips on how to make your corporate shots look this good;

  1. Wardrobe and colour palette - Everyone had a brief which included the colours to dress white, black, light blue, and red, along with covered shoulders and flattering tailored shapes.

  2. Hair and makeup - when you only get this opportunity every 2-3 years having a HMU Artist on set to hide those flyaway and have vibrant camera ready skin is a must.

  3. Personality - The team makes up the company and their brand so you want to show them off as their vibrant selves. Therefore working with a photographer who connects and can bring out the best in people.

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