Floating on a cloud

I'm so inspired by the people I get to work with that I want nothing more than to share their visions with the world, and what we have created together. Dan Butcher founder of Airsack is changing the way we chill, driven to turn homes, corporate and entertaining spaces into comfort zones so we can feel completely relaxed.


No  it's not a bean bag, we're not in the 90's anymore with little white beans floating forever around the corners of our living rooms from last time we topped up. Airsacks are made out of shredded polyurethane that contour and support your body so you can relax and enjoy your surroundings, it is pure pleasure.

I worked with Dan and Bek Sheppard - Stylist to come up with a concept to cover the different spaces and uses for airsack with a full day shoot we managed to create a kids party scene, cafe / alfresco, two home living arrangements and office / break out space.


With kids, dogs and a team of close to 20 people at XO studios this is what we managed to pull off. Check out the Video of behind the scenes by Nick Nolan.

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