Instagram Anxiety

5 ways to get posting

I know I have to post every day to keep up the traction and stay front of mind with everyone - I don't know what to post - shit quick get something - post - aghhh it looks inconsistent in my feed. I really need to get on top of this but I don't have the time...

Yes - I pretty much used to say this every week, if not every day, and I'm sure if you have your own business you've been in the same boat.

With over 300 million active monthly users, each spending an average of 21 minutes a day on Instagram, it's not something to ignore- 25% of my website's traffic comes from Instagram.

I want to tell you how I've taught my clients to streamline this process to make sure you always have enough content ready to go even if you forgot to schedule it.

Work out your 5 elements of lifestyle around your brand.

One of my businesses, Pretty Little Things, is a kids jewellery making party business - I was running out of crappy phone photos my party hosts were taking and the feed was looking daft. So I worked out what five elements are related to what PLT's does - Birthday cakes and party food, party styling, gift ideas, kids fashion and inspo kids quotes.

Colour palette and look and feel.

I wanted the feed to fit in with my branding and website so bright and bold colours - pink, purple, aqua, fairytale dreamy. You want to create almost a mood board of your brand.

That's all good and well but where do I get the images from?

Firstly I do a quarterly photoshoot. From this I have a library of images which is my base for the next 3 months. From there I build up the content by collecting images from screenshots of similar business, and from my inspiration boards on Pinterest.

I save them into a synced folder in dropbox on my desktop and phone within their element folders. When posting them I make sure to credit where the images where coming from and tag associated businesses.

Plan and schedule

I have put together a weekly plan of what type of images go out when, for example;

Monday: Inspiration - jewellery ideas, colours, art, cute animals

Tuesday: Birthday cakes and party food

Wednesday: Product or jewellery party photos

Thursday: Quotes and inspiration

Friday: Kids Fashion, gift ideas

Saturday: Product or jewellery party photos

Sunday: Party styling

It is also a good idea to commit to a few of hours a week to schedule and plan when each one goes out.

Keep Active

In your down time - breakfast, lunch and just before bed, make sure you jump online and see what is happening in your community, chat network and most importantly, "like" images that inspire you.

Still need help?

We have an amazing picture editor on board who is working with clients to design, curate and manage your Instagram account. We are offering  1 and 3 month packages including photoshoots. Get in touch if you want to find out more on how we can boost your sales through social media marketing.

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