Have it your way

Weddings, parties, and celebrations we all love them - the opportunity to get out our favourite frocks, splurge on new ones or hire designer ones (Her Wardrobe). But sometimes you just can't find the perfect jewellery to go with.


Sarah from Irock jewellery is changing all that - You have the opportunity to choose the colour and style from an array of eye-catching swarovski crystal elements, and silver or gold metals at an affordable price point.



For the shoot we wanted to create feature campaign images for the banner, then a library of shots to use throughout social media.

Milana De Mina was our stylist for the photoshoot and put together a variety of looks that bought out the colours of the jewellery creating vivid and playful photos.


I'd love to chat about how we can design the perfect shoot to represent your brand.

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Sarah has kindly offered 10% discount from iRock with orders over $50 using the code "prueaja".