New Beginnings Fair

There comes a time when you reach an age that at music festivals you feel a little out of place mainly because your mind is in other places such at the next big idea for your business. 

So it is pretty exciting that Anika and her husband Marcos have created New Beginnings Fair for creatives and ideas people who are excited about business. Have either started their own or have something bubbling under the surface ready to explode.

Friday 19th August will be the next fair in Melbourne and we will be there with an interactive photo studio setup. You can come and get your portrait taken with me and experience what happens on a mini photoshoot. I will also have a competition runnings along with great packages to help launch your business idea to the world.

Get $10 off your ticket through this link and using the code "prueaja".

I hope to see you there and talk about your next big idea.

Rowena Murray - Author of For Foxes Sake

Rowena Murray - Author of For Foxes Sake