Peta Sitcheff helps discover your signature selling style.

When Peta Sitcheff approached me about starting a new chapter I was surprised.  She had a successful sales career with multiple options on the table.  Her courage to leave a secure flourishing job and go out on her own would inspire anyone.

After a decade working in a highly demanding position, her experience and knowledge is extensive. Peta is now passionate about empowering professionals to grow their personal brand or business by coaching clients to find a signature sales voice to build confidence and growth.

For her personal branding shoot,  we wanted her portraits to be timeless, sophisticated and authentic.   Peta’s approachable character and natural style came through beautifully in the images. Peta expresses the importance of setting boundaries in your business, nourishing your mind and body, and cherishing relationships to keep a healthy balance.

Can you tell us a little about your business?

Absolutely!  After a long career selling, I recognise the role of the salesperson is changing.  Customers expect more and value is key.  Many roles within a business necessitate sales.  However, selling is not a process people are always comfortable or confident in pursuing.

I am incredibly passionate about selling and helping people to become more comfortable and capable in this space.  

Through my coaching service, I help individuals develop a signature selling style based on their authentic selves that will increase confidence, improve their effectiveness and deliver results.

 I also consult to organisations with a focus on improving the capability of their sales force and assisting with strategy design and implementation.

We all have a beginning, what was your first ever job?

Honestly, I washed cars on weekends and sold ice-creams - so glamorous! #nothingwithouthardwork

Was there a defining moment that made you start your own business?

I had a very successful and rewarding sales career within my last role.  However, I was working at a high intensity and had let my professional boundaries slip.  It no longer aligned with my values, the life I wanted to lead and the example I wanted to set for my family.  I brought that chapter of my life to a close whilst I still had the choice as I know, that physically and mentally, that choice wasn’t far from being taken away from me.  My sister took me along to a personal branding event, that was like switching on a light bulb.  

Rather than look for a new profession all together, I realised I was passionate about selling.  I had so much intel and experience on board, I just needed to work out how to craft the content a deliver a service that would be commercially viable.  

Then I started writing and creating...

How did you prepare yourself to start your business?

Honestly, I needed time to refuel and replenish.  I wasn’t going to survive starting a new business without my energy reserves at their fullest.  I also needed to adapt to a new routine and way of life after ending a role I was in for over 13 years.

Once I realised how passionate I was about my business concept, it wasn’t difficult.  In fact, I was energised by the process. The content came first, as it was so fresh in my mind.  Then the business fundamentals.  I had a concept from the start, but didn’t allow myself to be so rigid as to what the end product should look like.  It has evolved with time.  Now I am confident I have a service that truly will make a difference in the market place.

What has been the biggest challenge or fear you have had to overcome in business and how did you manage this?

You can be as confident as you like in your concept, but that doesn’t stop the self doubt from creeping in.  

I just keep coming back to what I taught myself in sales, stay in control of the conversation and back yourself.  You are working hard, you know what you are talking about.  The rest will follow.  Be patient.

When you are running your own business, keeping strong relationships with friends and family and also be required to find adequate time to satisfy their own personal needs. How do you achieve this balance?

For many years I was so out of balance.  Personal compromises were made which affected every part of my life, including my family.  The past 6 months have been a total renourishment and change to the way I previously lived.  Now I have firm professional boundaries and I invest in myself physically and mentally, everyday.  

What have you put in place as a reminder to nourish your body and take time out for yourself?  

I rise early, drink less, exercise more and surround myself with people who have a positive influence on, and bring energy to my life.  My favourite meeting venue is a walk around the Tan!  Mentally, I invest in my mind.  I have rediscovered reading after a long time of being too distracted to get past 1 page and now make sure I do this every day.  Lastly, I invest in a coach who keeps me in check.  She understands how I operate, knows when to challenge me and equally so, knows when I need to be pulled back.   

Any words of wisdom or for those thinking of taking the leap?  

Listen to your instinct and trust the universe.  It will deliver.

Change is uncomfortable but take the time to stop, reflect and realise how far you have progressed in your journey.  

It doesn’t need to be perfect, just keep progressing.

How has working with Prue as your photographer contributed to your business?  

Prue’s vision for my personal brand was invaluable.  She was able to capture my personality through her images that has brought a sense of confidence in preparing to launch.

What are you listening to right now?  

Gypsy and the cats

Quote that keeps you inspired?  

Never underestimate the value authenticity brings to your business.

What are your values?  

Family, financial security, great health

What is the vision statement for your business?  

To help salespeople develop a signature selling style based on their authentic selves that improves confidence, enhances effectiveness and delivers results.

To bring together the launch for Peta’s brand and website, I worked alongside Haley Berryman and Hannah Sutton.  Haley helps entrepreneurs find their voice and branding message through digital marketing and copywriting. Hannah Sutton tied the final elements together and designed and developed Peta’s website and social media content.

If you are thinking about taking the leap and following your passion, or ready to refresh your personal or business brand I would love to chat with you.  You can book a 15min positioning and branding assessment here.