Shoe Envy

Usually I would try to come up with a catchy title for my updates, but my client Heather Potter has made it all too easy with the name of her business, Shoe Envy.

As I have entered my thirties and become a mother, my body shape has changed making it a little more difficult to get the same enjoyment out of trying on clothes. One thing I can always rely on though is fitting shoes!

When I first saw Heather’s shoe wardrobe I nearly fainted! At lease 500 pairs of bright bold statement shoes.

In collaboration with stylist Jess Dean I have been busy reimagining Shoe Envy's brand. Combining photography with styling, the goal was to showcase the products and how they can be worn in a variety of ways. By keeping the design concept minimal, it is hoped customer will be able to see how the shoes can be adapted to their wardrobes.

Since our first shoot three months ago, Shoe Envy's online following has doubled and there has been increased traffic to the website with leads converting into sales and helping the business to grow.