Put Your Heart Into It


Put Your Heart Into It workshops are run by dynamic duo team Laura Issell —stylist and maestro behind the The Interior Hunter— and Anna D’Amelio, lifestyle guru and founder of Miod Skincare.

Combining years of experience working with creative professionals, Laura and Anna bring a range of knowledge and diverse skill set to inspire others to put their heart into it. Check out some of their workshops online to be challenged, 

inspired and learn something new.

Here is a peep at some event and styling photography from a recent shoot during their do-it-yourself sustainable wedding event.

Sundari Cosmetics Campaign

Recent campaign for Melbourne based cosmetics company Sundari 

"Makeup is a strong medium for effectively revealing something unique about yourself that comes from within." - Lea - founder of Sundari

Models are Faro Musodza, Natasha Devonish-Jordan, Holly Lee, and Hailey Laura