The Gift of Luxury

Daniella first approached me during a brand refresh and launch for her gifting company The Luxury Gift Co.


The concept was toe keep a minimalist look with the imagery while executing a feeling of quality, authenticity and elegance. Evoking the buyer to trust that they are buying something completely unique and special for someone.

Designer Gifting Boutique, showcasing a collection of carefully curated gifts inspired by luxury, design and elegance.
Bringing the modern and time conscious individuals the most coveted gifts of the season.

For the launch for the website Daniella needed content of four types;

  1. Campaign Imagery for the banners that could also be used for digital and print advertising.
  2. Product images for each gift package
  3. Personal branding shots of the visionary behind the brand.
  4. Social media content for Instagram and Facebook.

We worked together to produce and plan the shoot along with stylist Bek Sheppard who specialises in interiors and still life, and shot everything in one day at Lightdrop Studios in Kensington.