WHO IS The Sustainable Gentleman?

When Glenn Livingstone first reached out to me I was a little confused, a guy who was living on a remote island off the west coast of Australia working for an environment-killing corporation wanting a fashion shoot. Sounds weird right? As I got to know Glenn and learnt his story it resonated with me and where I had come from.

Not many people realise that the fashion industry is the second biggest polluter after oil, and was a major reason I left working as a fashion stylist at Conde Nast in London.

Since becoming a photographer I made the decision to stick to my ethics and values of sustainable, ethical or locally products. I have been so blessed that every client I have worked with aligns with these values.

"IdentifYYourself" was born out of Glenn's story.  Of his message for men to identifYThemselves - what are your values? Do you understand what you wear effects the environment around us?  He designs luxurious menswear made from organic cotton and produced locally in Melbourne.

Driven by a desire to create an impact far greater than money can measure. To make a difference to spread the message, to give a shit about this planet - Glenn Livingstone

For the past year I have been working with him and developing his brand imagery through photography and video for campaign, e-commerce and social media to not only execute the product to the market but also to create a lifestyle and awareness around what IdentifYYourself stands for.

I have worked closely with branding and design agency Dream & Do who developed the concept and direction. Here is a selection of images we have done as well as working with Glenn to curate his Instagram feed.

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